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3 Ways to Make Your Painting by Number Perfect

3 Ways to Make Your Painting by Numbers

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3 Ways to Make Your Painting by Numbers Perfect!

Many artists who have mastered the painting by numbers technique always want to improve something, even when a picture is immaculate, as the acquired skills and talent demand creativity!

Feathering – smoothing of the image edges. This helps to soften the edges and create a seamless transition to the lower coat.

Example Picture Feathering
Example Feathering

And creating a smooth transition between colors is the creative process that emphasizes the painter’s artistry and makes the masterpiece flawless.

Schemes for painting by numbers are elaborated based on the original image palette. However, it is impossible to introduce all the tints used by the artist. Painting by numbers implicates clear delineation but sometimes you want so much to blend some contrasting colors!

Method 1: Feathering edges using a sponge.

  • You will need a small piece of a dishwasher or cosmetic sponge;
  • Apply some paint of the two tints you need to blend to the sponge;
  • Press the sponge impregnated with paint to the canvas following the line that should be feathered;
  • The process can be repeated if required.

Method 2: Feathering the edges with a half-dry brush and shading.

  • Apply the second coat of acrylic paint on the border between sectors (ATTENTION! The first coat should be dry to make the base for shading);
  • Take a half-dry brush (make sure to remove the excess of moisture from the bristles with a paper towel) and blend the edges of the sectors with fast and fine strokes.

Method 3: Dot feathering.

  • Apply dark color dots on the borderline with the lighter sector;
  • The farther from the sector, the smaller and scarcer the dots should be. See the examples below.
Comparison Without Feathering and With Feathering
Picture Without Feathering
Picture Without Feathering


Picture With Feathering
Picture With Feathering

The result is peculiar. Those who like unusual complements, such as pointillism, can also use the method which is quite viable.

Each of the feathering methods described is noteworthy and it is up to the artist to choose one. We have also made our choice and decided that feathering with a half-dry brush is the fastest and the most efficient way.

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