Custom Paint by Numbers from Own Photo



The human nature is arranged so, that anything he or she has made with his or her own hands will always be a source of pride. Who among us has not tried to draw a bird sitting on a branch or a dog on the lawn? Sadly, things sometimes don’t run as smooth as intended.
But now this problem has been solved by means of custom paint by numbers from own photo!

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DIY painting by numbers “Custom Paint by Numbers from Own Photo”.

A single-handedly painted portrait of a dear person will be a great gift for a wedding or birthday, and you’ll be happy to hang at your home paintings of your children or a favourite pet.

And maybe you should make a portrait of your favorite grandmother and present it to your mom on the Mother’s day, or for the birthday
Now, you can do everything!
Your picture gallery will be unique!
Portraits of kids, grandchildren, of your loved ones, relatives and wonderful landscapes of places where only you have been – all this can be turned into beautiful paintings by numbers you have made with your own hands!
Fortunately, the issue of ordering and buying a custom painting by numbers from own photo is today no big deal.

Custom Paint by Numbers from Photo
Custom Paint by Numbers

Turn own photo into a personalized paint by number in 3 easy steps

1th Step: Your own photo.

Advices and recommendations on how to choose the right image, so that custom a paint by numbers from own photo would be awesome:

  1. The image should be digital. (jpg, jpeg, png)
  2. It is desirable that the image size in kilobytes is at least 300.
  3. Photo size in pixels at least 1,000 on the smaller side of the canvas.
  4. The image should correspond to the size of the canvas: the more complex the image, the larger the canvas.
  5. Select clear, not blurry images, as paintings by numbers mean paintings with distinct borders.
  6. Central object (For example: a man, a dog, a cat, a house etc.) and background should be contrast, that is, they should not merge in colour.
  7. If the photograph is a portrait one, there should be no shades on faces – grey tones on the face look worse than natural (flesh) tones.
  8. The size of a face in the finished portrait should be at least 7-10 cm. You will ask why Because you are painting with a paintbrush.

2th Step: Selecting the canvas size.

All images originally have their own sizes. For example: 1,500*1,200 pixels.
What should we do
We divide the larger side by the smaller side: 1,500/1,200=1.25. This is the aspect ratio. And now you can select a size from our list, For example: size 40*50, we divide 50 by 40 and obtain 1.25, or 75/60=1,25 – it is an ideal size for the image of 1,500*1,200 pixels.
But if the size of 40*60, 40/60=1.5 is selected, then the photo will need to be cropped a little.

3th step: Placing an order!

  • We select the canvas size.
  • We check the order on “Shopping Cart” page.
  • On the next page we upload the photo & fill in our shipping details.
  • Confirm the order.

FAQ – Custom painting by numbers from own photo

Q: Can I preview how the image will look like before I place an order
A: Yes, of course. Before ordering, we’ll make a photo for you to confirm and if you will like it, you can order it.

Q: I would like to order a painting by numbers from photo. Would you please tell me what size shall I order
A: Send us your photos, and we’ll offer you the optimal size for each photo.

Q: Why can’t I order a smaller size, it’s cheaper.
A: The standard canvas size is 40*50 cm, but it depends on the details and the colour palette, if there are many small details, it will be too difficult to paint the picture, it is better to select a size bigger.

Q: How long will it take to manufacture my order
A: We will send the finished order within 2-5 working days.

Q: What is the quality of custom paint by numbers
A: We are a factory with 12 years of experience; we have professional designers and artists to control the entire production process.

Custom Paint by Numbers from Own Photo” Product information:

  • Type: Personalized paint by number from own photo on canvas, you need to paint by yourself
  • Frame: No frame; DIY frame; (Optional)
  • Canvas: Linen
  • Pigment: Acrylic
  • Paintbrush: Nylon
  • Color: You need upload a photo
  • Package: Rolled around the tube and wrapped in bubble wrap
  • Size: Different sizes (Optional)
  1. 16 x 16 inch / 40 x 40cm
  2. 16 x 20 inch / 40 x 50cm
  3. 16 x 24 inch / 40 x 60cm
  4. 20 x 20 inch / 50 x 50cm
  5. 20 x 26 inch / 50 x 65cm
  6. 20 x 30 inch / 50 x 75cm
  7. 24 x 24 inch / 60 x 60cm
  8. 24 x 30 inch / 60 x 75cm
  9. 24 x 35.5 inch / 60 x 90cm

What’s in include the package of Custom Paint by Numbers from Own Photo

What’s in include kit DIY painting by numbers

  1. Pre-printed numbered high-quality linen canvas
  2. Control sheet
  3. Small color image of the painting
  4. Numbered acrylic based paint set
  5. Set of 3 varying paint brushes
  6. Wall mounts
  7. DIY frame or stretcher Attention! (Options)
  8. Nails set for fixing a canvas


We produce personal a paint by numbers from own photo with your consent and shall not be liable to third parties with respect to possible infringement of copyright or other rights related to this image.


Unfortunately, custom kits are non-refundable.


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