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FAQ Paintings by Numbers kit

Frequently Asked Question FAQ Paintings by Numbers

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FAQ Paintings by Numbers

Q: What to do if I have used a wrong color for a section

A: The main thing is not to panic. Wait until the area dries out and cover it with a thick layer of the correct color.

Q: What to do if paints have dried out

A: First of all, make sure that your paints have really dried out and not just thickened. Paint that has dried out can be taken out of the pot in a single piece with a toothpick; it looks like a piece of rubber and does not stain. If there are 1 or 2 dried paints in your kit, you can try to find suitable hues in the kits you have already colored (if it is not your first work) or try to mix colors from the kit you have. If most paints in your kit are dry, it may be caused by spoilage.

You can also buy a regular acrylic paint set. Those sets contain the most popular colors and all the other ones can be obtained by mixing them.

Q: Are the paints in the sets harmless

A: Water-based acrylic paints are used in coloring kits. They are nontoxic and absolutely harmless (of course, when used for the intended purpose).

Q: What is a reference sheet

A: Almost all kits are supplied with a reference sheet: it shows the picture and the board or canvas numbering. You can refer to it if you have made a mistake and used a wrong color for some areas in the painting.

Q: Is the painting going to fade with time

A: As a rule, acrylic paints do not fade but if you are concerned about it, we recommend varnishing the painting. It will make the colors a little brighter and protected against environmental factors.

We also advise to avoid hanging your painting opposite a window because direct sunlight discolors paints and may cause the canvas to become fragile.

Q: Is there enough paint in the kit

A: The number and amount of paints is calculated and checked for each painting by numbers. Paints in kits are always enough and to spare, so you can enjoy the creative process without any worries.

However, if you are anxious about it, we can recommend the following method:

Each painting by numbers has a prevailing color (for example, if you paint a seascape, it is blue). When you start coloring areas with this hue, apply paint sparingly. After all areas of this color have been painted, you can apply another layer and make the finished work look more vivid.

Q: There are two pots of paint with the same number. Is it a mistake

A: No, it is a doubled amount of a particular color included in the kit. It means that, considering the scope of work, the manufacturer decided to add one more portion of paint because one is not enough.

It is often the case with large paintings by numbers.

Q: There is no number on a paint pot (an empty circle) – what does it mean

A: It is the so-called background hue. This paint is to be used to color the canvas areas with grey background.

Q: There are grey sections without a number on the canvas. What is it

A: This question is associated with the previous one. Many manufacturers use this method to mark rather large areas of a unicolored background.

You have to color the sections with the unnumbered paint (with an empty circle on the cap).

Q: The numbers or segment dividing lines cannot be covered completely – what to do

A: This problem most often refers to light/ white hues.

Tip: apply the first coat over the entire area. Let it dry out and then apply a second coat of paint to the places where something can be seen through.

Q: What to do if the canvas has slackened

A: The canvas may slacken while you are working at the painting or after it has been finished. This may be caused by changing humidity in the room or if you lean against it when working.

You can use the following method to correct the situation. First of all, check if the canvas stretcher is deformed. If it is, wet it on the inside and put it under a weight. If the stretcher is in good condition, just spray some water on the canvas from the back using a spray bottle and dry it with a hair drier.

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